Q-Switch Nd:YAG/KTP laser kit

Complete OEM solution for a Q-switch Nd:Yag laser system: laser module, driver, control and cooling system.

A pulse (300mks - 40ms) in a long-pulsed mode can be controllably divided into 1, 2 or 3 sub-pulses, each at a chosen energy level. Such customization turns a simple laser beam into a controlled, precise and finely adjusted tool to effectively treat targeted lesions but avoid damaging neighboring tissue.

The Q-switched mode features a double-pulse routine, each pulse 7ns long with preset energy levels and 140mks between them. Use different energy patterns when applying the double pulse mode to secure a cascade effect which is a combination of mechanical and thermal actions, so that only chromophores are targeted, and no neighboring tissue is damaged.

  • Wave length, nm



    Operation mode





    Pulse energy, J

    up to 20

    up to 1.1

    up to 0.5

    up to 4.5

    Double pulse energy, J

    up to 2.2

    up to 1.0

    Energy density, J/cm2

    up to2,500

     u p to140

    up to 63

    up to 573

    Pulse length

    0.3 – 40ms

    5 - 10ns

    5 - 10ns

    0.3 – 40ms

    Max pulse repetition
    rate, Hz





    Cooling system

    Air-liquid, integrated

    Spot size, mm

    1 - 10mm

  • Semiconductor laser system
    GUI Windows based
    UNIQUE Q-switch + long pulse in a single module
    600-1100mJ, single pulse and PTP mode