760+808+1060nm laser hair removal kit

The 760+808+1060nm laser hair removal kit is a modular laser system combining separate fiber-coupled modules into a single handpiece to offer 760, 808, or 1060nm wavelength use simultaneously/mixed or independently.

The system features 400W to 4800W
depending on number of modules installed, up to 12 modules can be integrated into a single system.

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    Available spot size    
    Sapphire, active cooled  10x10 mm
    Sapphire, active cooled  15x15 mm
    Vacuum handpiece 27x27
    Pulse length  1-100 ms
    Wavelength  760, 808, 1060nm
    Mode  Mixed or alternate wavelength,
    single or burst pulsing, programmable
    Frequency  10 Hz


    • Fiber delivery of laser to handpiece, control of each wavelength or combination in one pulse simultaneously
    • High power with 3 wavelength
    • Combination of modules in any configuration per demand
    • Independent modes for mixed or separate wavelength / customizable or preset settings and modes
    • Upgradable in field
    • Unique modular design with multiple configurations depending on the customer’s needs
    • Handpiece with standard chilling (10x10 or 15x15 mm) or vacuum (27x27 mm), light weight