532-808-1064nm laser kit

Complete OEM solution for a 532-808-1064nm laser system: laser module, driver, control and cooling system. The three-wave module provides for application of various modes within a single procedure by switching between the wavelengths in seconds, which makes it universal for a wide range of medical applications. The diode-pumping technology eliminates any flash lamps in the laser systems, and therefore is not subject to cumbersome and expensive aftersales service.

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  • Description

    Semiconductor laser system
    GUI Windows based
    UNIQUE tri-wave optical module and a single optical
    fiber handpiece
    easilly transforms into 532nm single wave
    small blueprint
    customized wavelengths upon request


    Wavelength, nm 1064 808 532
    Mode Free runnning Q-switched Free running Q-switched
    Max pulse energy, mJ 3000 1500 9000 1500
    Pulse length 10ms -2s 30ns 10ms -2s 30ns
    Max energy density, J/cm2 270 140 800 140
    Max pulse repetition rate, Hz 50 50 50 50
    Max average power, W 30 30 90 10
    Max pulse power, W 33000 33000 90 15000
    Cooling system liquid, integrated
    Spot size 1.2 – 10mm
    Scanning area Up to 30mm